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Here I write about the things I learn, use, do, and think of. The page about me includes contact information.


There is the index of notes. Most recently modified ones:

Distributed systems
An overview of—and musings on—distributed computing ( to , 3649 words)
On dealing with sleep schedules and getting some sleep ( to , 1020 words)
Issue tracking systems
An overview and some thoughts on BTSes ( to , 998 words)
Debian 11 (to 12) workstation
Debian 11 to 12 workstation maintenance ( to , 3156 words)
Voice conferences
An outline of VoIP protocols and issues, with usage notes ( to , 1004 words)
Email usage notes, including mail server maintenance ( to , 1765 words)
Serialisation formats
An opinionated comparison of serialisation formats ( to , 1627 words)
Flat structures
Considering the merits of flat structures ( to , 836 words)


Most of my recent hobby projects are on, mirrored on my GitHub page and on my Codeberg page.


There is the index of blog posts, and I have a separate Mastodon microblog. Below are the most recent blog entries.

There are many interesting things around, and I am trying to collect them: it is both for me, to keep them around, and for others who may be interested.