State of the Thunix - December 2019

Hello again!

It's that time already, for our monthly update, but also...

Annual Update!

Yep, it has been one year since Thunix re-launched! It's been an exciting year, and we are still working to make this system a great place for our community to enjoy, use, and learn.

In the past year, we've gotten you set up with most importantly: A resilient system. Anyone can take our system configs, and pop up a new place, should we sudenly close. Not that I'm expecting that to happen, but it's a failsafe feature, so you can feel comfortable contributing here.

We've also got you all set up with webmail, bzflag, minetest, numerous terminal based games, a wiki, iris (Forum software), mariadb databases on request, tor onion services, tor network access, document processing tools, wireguard VPNs for users, and several FOSS (Free and open source software) project mirrors.

We cannot do this without our users, though, which make up our community!

Our roadmap for this year is to improve our spam filtering for emails, and doing much more in the way of system maintenance getting automated away, and migrating us to full virtualization rather than a container.

Improving the spam filtering is pretty high on the list, to make the email service more usable for everyone, and not just those with filtering running on their clients. Also, full virtualization is high on the list, primarily, because we'd like to offer user containers, but we are currently constrained by our networking config and current container technology.

This past years, we've recieved a total of 10.36USD in donations (After paypal fees). While donations are not required, they are greatly welcomed! A main hold up for the virtualization migration is the liquid cash to lease a second server for one month, so we can perform the migration. Currently, our monthly costs are ~38USD each month for IPs, server leasing, and domain name. If you want to donate, head on over to our donate page.

This month, we've added some blocklists to our system, that should cut down on spam, improved some of our internal tooling, and upgraded rainloop, to give you a better webmail experience. Hope you're enjoying the improvements!

So, here's to a great month, and to another great year!