State of the Thunix - March 2020

So, Thunix has moved to a new host. With this move comes many benefits, and a couple of tradeoffs.

So, first for what we lost: We lost ~8GB of RAM and 1TB of disk space.

We rarely utilized more than 1/4 of the RAM, so we're still way good to go there.

We haven't ran out of disk space, with 2TB, in fact, we have been hovering ~1/4 usage. So, right now, we're at ~50% usage. We will be getting rid of some low-usage mirrors, that have plenty of replicas already in Germany, which should free up a bunch more space.

What we have gained: ipv6 addresses, full virtualization (Which allows us to modify the system more heavily, better isolation (Which means more privacy and security for users), we can do snaps and containers now as well!

We have also gotten what should hopefully be a more sustainable model: Thunix is now being graciously sponsored by WNY Technology Collaborative, a worker-owned cooperative, that works with other cooperatives, socialist organizations, non-profit organizations, and local small businesses to meet their information technology needs. So, as long as they are still in business, we have a home :)

All in all, this new home gives us a lot more flexibility to grow, and gets us to a slightly more sustainable position, since donations (While still welcomed) have been pretty lacking. This move provides stability, for the moment. Eventually, I would like to see Thunix become a fully self-sustaining community.

If you see anything awry, open an issue on our tildegit repo for ansible, if you're unsure where the problem is, or drop a line in, and we'll check into it, so see what is wrong.

So, on to more good things!