State of the Thunix - Janurary 2020

Well happy new years to all you Thunixers! Hope 2019 was a blast. is officially over 1 years old this month! We've had some great times this year, and have some seen some awesome improvements:

And tons more. This is all largely thanks to you, the community that, and our admins Naglfar and Fosslinux (aka Fossy). Our goal it to continue to tightly focus on building the community of users here, and to make the system more privacy focused, and secure. To make it a better place for you, and a safer place.

At the close of the year, we will be re-doing some of our policies. No major deal breaking changes, but more or less making official some of the things we do, and being even more open and transparent, which is our goal.

We've always tried to remain as transparent and open as possible, but we also recognize that we can always do better at it.

Namely, our terms of service will get cleaned up, and some additions made. The privacy policy will be getting reworked as well, to be far clearer in what we do. We will also be considering adoption a separate "Code of Conduct" for community members.

That being said, last week, we implemented a third party email monitoring service. NO. They do not get your emails, and scan them. We would never even consider that. But, our deliverability reports are sent to a company called "Postmark." They aggregate our DMARC reports, and send us nice reports. They do not get any of your personal information, but we most certainly want to be open about when we engage in third parties for our data analysis. When we can, it will be replaced with a open source tool, but that requires us to write one, because at this time, none exist.

So, all that: I'm looking forward to a great 2020! We will keep growing, and maybe the US will come out of it with a sane president, instead of the current dumpster fire :) Cheers, and excited to have you all aboard for many more years to come!

Your sysop,