State of the Thunix - August 2019

Hey peoples!

New stuff this month? Ya loving Debian Buster yet? Hope so, we upgrade the OS this month from Stretch to Buster. Had some hiccups, but generally, it went well, without too much issue.

Also, we've gotten $5 in donations this month :) Thank you all for your support, past and present. Operating costs are the same as they have been.

While doing some tinkering around, I installed a few static site generators. Feel free to play around with them, and use them! We also have some new members, and some folks working on some projects. The wiki is coming along well, so feel free to contribute your how-tos and such.

So, while the past few weeks have been a bit of work, it's a small number of items, individually. So, it seems like not too much has happened, but its been a busy month.

Hop onto IRC or post in iris if you have any questions, concerns, or comments :)