State of the Thunix - October 2019

Howdy all!

More of the same this month, really. We've had a little spurt of new user accounts getting requested due to's grand re-opening. We did add a couple of new features to Thunix this past month, though.

Well, for starters, Thunix is now a member of Tildenet, which is an overlay network. This really just means it's a network, running on top of the internet, and not running our own direct conneccts, or anything like that.

What this means is that we can open a lot more services that would be considered "unsafe" to open to the whole world. In fact, we will be looking at opening all ports to the Tildenet network, which is in the space. Even cooler? Thunix offers VPNs now, that will link you right into Tildenet from your own machine. The only requirement is that you individual machine must be able to run wireguard. Shoot me (ubergeek) a message on IRC or an email, requesting a VPN connection, if you're interested.

Also, there is a plan in place to perform an upgrade at the earliest convience to the hardware we're running on. Prior to doing so, I'd like to get some more donations in, to cover what will be a doubling of monthly costs for a single month, as we need to rent the new server, get it prepped, then cut over. If the donations don't come, it'll just have to wait until I get some spare cash.

But, all in all, we're still going strong, and no bad news to report :)