I had a cat, she was fluffy and nice. Not sure what my favourite colour is. This is my homepage.


Online handle
Other online accounts
defanor@Hacker News
OpenPGP key
83CA 0A53 1343 ABF6 A393 393A DC40 5357 1CDC 9133 (also available via keys.openpgp.org)

I use the screen name for hobby-related activities, and attempt to keep them separate from more mundane ones.

I try to avoid centralised and commercial services, but using the likes of GitHub for collaboration with those who do not, as well as for repository mirroring.

Current projects

At the time of this section's last update, out of hobby projects, I am working mostly on rexmpp, an XMPP library. Though I am spending more time in Discworld MUD, and doomscrolling the news too much. Occasionally poking Godot and Blender.

Planned projects

There are quite a few things I would like to poke, but a relatively fun/exciting one is robotics: I would like to run a robotics simulator (possibly MORSE) and play with POMDPs there. And mapping with OpenStreetMap, too: I would like to use those (and do, occasionally), but they seem to still lack a handy client and routing based on public transport. I would like to write some games, too. Maybe to play more with programming languages, with rewriting systems. Plenty of stuff to play with.

This website

This is a valid website, with RDFa metadata present, so it can be used as such. There is no custom styling (since I see it as misplaced visual art, branding, and/or fixing of bad web browser defaults in every document separately instead of fixing them in web browsers), so it is best viewed in web browsers with sensible configuration. There is an atom feed of notes. The authoring tools are available from the homepage repository.

Unless stated otherwise, the content on this website is licensed under the Creative Commonts Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


The topics I am interested in are reflected in the notes and projects, so this whole website is about those. But here is a summary, mostly for FOAF.

Nowadays I am doing functional programming in Haskell (and occasionally total functional programming with formal verification, in Idris), C programming, using Emacs on GNU/Linux. Sometimes working on FLOSS, and interested in computer programming and computing in general, which includes HCI, Semantic Web, computer networks, and other topics. Perhaps it can be summarised as an interest in reliably working and usable software, and advancement towards a techno-utopia.

I am also interested in some of the most common, non-computing subjects: cats, rock music (symphonic metal, alternative rock, industrial rock), music in general (occasionally trying to play piano, to compose music), books, movies, games (Discworld MUD in particular), food/cooking, exercising, crafts, etc. As well as in some of the topics that are related to computing – such as digital art, perhaps electronics (and physics in general) and mathematics. All the fun things I don't have enough time and energy to spend on. If I had enough time for those and even more on top, I'd probably spend it on RPGs (D&D, White Wolf ones, etc) and trains/railroads.

Social graph

Maybe I will link others' FOAF profiles from this document someday.