University Works

Below are some university papers, assignments, notes, projects, and other documents that I have made available for downloding. Content here is organized by course.


Notice 1: Due to university server issues, some course content has been corrupted and is unreadable. These files may be recoverd some time in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Notice 2: This site is being restructured and some content may be missing during this time.

Technical Support

The first time I looked at the University of Akron's support wiki, I noticed that they do not officially support most UNIX systems or any GNU/Linux distros, and that you may have to find some solutions on your own. I'm providing free support documentation for these operating systems. I do not provide any warranty for instructions and solutions provided on this site. Information provided here is Copyright © 2018-2019 Anton McClure. More information can be found on the specific support articles.

Click Here for support site.